Office of Homeland Security - Division of Grants

Please be sure when addressing mail for us that the program name or one of our staff names is listed on your envelope. This is to ensure that your mail will get to the correct person in a timely manner.

Office of Homeland Security
Division of Grants
Local and State Assistance
1101 North Riverside Dr., 4th Floor West
P. O. Box 749
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Fax Number: 573/526-9012
Bruce Clemonds
(573) 522-6125
Shelly Honse
Deputy Administrator
(573) 526-7324
Brett Hendrix
Grant Supervisor
(573) 526-9019
Linda Frazier
Special Assistant
(573) 522-3007
Pam Brauner
Special Assistant
(573) 526-9011
Ron Gerke
Fiscal Specialist
(573) 526-9017
Marcia Haldiman
Special Assistant
(573) 526-9015
Amy Lehman
Fiscal Specialist
(573) 751-0788
Joni McCarter
Grant Program Specialist
(573) 526-9020
Randy Silvey
Grant Program Specialist
(573) 751-3401
Dee Solindas
Grant Program Specialist
(573) 526-9014
Theresa Stiles
Grant Program Specialist
(573) 526-9013