Missouri Amber Alert Forms

MISSOURI AMBER ALERT is a public-private partnership to disseminate urgent notifications to the public by all available means. At the present time MISSOURI AMBER ALERT allows local law enforcement to issue statewide alerts in certain types of abduction cases. In the future MISSOURI AMBER ALERT will expand to provide public alerts related to other types of criminal activity, homeland security, and health emergencies. MISSOURI AMBER ALERT is free to local law enforcement, and participation is strictly voluntary.

MISSOURI AMBER ALERT uses a broad array of resources to alert the public, including radio and television broadcasts, electronic signs, the state MULES system, and the communication capabilities of private entities that interact with the general public. The system was designed in cooperation with the Missouri Police Chiefs Association, the Missouri Sheriffs Association, the Missouri Broadcasters Association, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

MISSOURI AMBER ALERT does not replace or compete with local abduction alert plans (AMBER or SARAA). MISSOURI AMBER ALERT has been designed to compliment and enhance local plans by providing additional methods of notification and statewide coverage. MISSOURI AMBER ALERT has also been designed to provide a local alert capability in areas where one does not exist, although the development of local plans is preferred.

For Private Entities

If you are a private entity with the ability to relay urgent messages to the general public on short notice, click on Missouri Amber Alert Provider Sign-Up to download the form to apply to be an alert provider.

For Law Enforcement Agencies

If you are a law enforcement agency, click on Missouri Amber Alert Abduction Form to download the form used to issue an abduction alert. The form includes all necessary instructions.

AMBER Alert Guide Supports Role of Public Information Officer

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention announces the availability of "AMBER Alert Best Practices Guide for Public Information Officers."

This 12-page guide describes the responsibilities of the public information officer and provides strategies to maximize the position’s effectiveness before, during, and after an AMBER Alert activation. The guide underscores the value of the public information officer to AMBER Alert’s public warning network, who should be integrally involved as a key member from the onset.

“AMBER Alert Best Practices Guide for Public Information Officers” is available online at http://ojjdp.ncjrs.gov/publications/PubAbstract.asp?pubi=234186.

A limited number of print copies are available. Copies can be ordered online at http://ncjrs.gov/App/shoppingcart/ShopCart.aspx?item=NCJ%20212703&repro=0.